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call make a phone call telephone

call这个是单词,一般短语是call sb up

Can I speak to XX?The number you dail is out of service.单词:call, telephone number, on the line, busy, speak to

To phone?

Answer the phone, please. 你的电话. I will call you back as soon as possible. 我会尽快给你回电话. May I leave a message? 我可以留个口信吗? The line is always busy. 总是忙音. I'm afraid you've got the wrong number. 我恐怕你打错电话

hold on please 请稍等

call这个是单词,一般短语是call sb up

Hold on ,please.(请稍等)Hello,this is Jack.(你好,我是杰克)

下面提供你一些平时最常用的电话英语,从中可以看出,平时我们有很多讲得并不合适.如果需要另外再提供.01、Who is it ? = 谁啊?02、Who is on the line ? = 谁啊?03、May I kown who is on the line ? = 请问是谁?04、Hold on please.

could/May i speak to sb?我能和某人说话吗this is speaking我是who is that?你是谁 sorry he/she is not in对不起 他 /她不在

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