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Thank you very much. / Thank you so much. 非常感谢你. 2. Thanks a lot. / Thanks a bunch. 太感谢你了. 3. Thanks a million. 感激不尽. 4. I appreciate your support. 我很感激你的支持. 5. I don't know how to express my gratitude. 我不知道怎麽

thank youthanksthanks a lot

I'd appreciate it very much Thanks. Thank you. Just Thanks(激动的时候用)Thanks a lot. Thank you very much. Thanks. Thank you. it is very kind of you. it is very appreciated that you 1. 表示感谢的常用套语:It's very kind of you. 你太好

表达感谢:Thank you for your blah blah回答:直接回答就好了呀

谢谢 thanks, thank you, 对不起 sorry

Not at all. 别客气;不用谢;哪儿的话. You are welcome. 不用谢. Please don't mention it. 不用客气;不用谢. It's [It was] a pleasure. 不用客气;不用谢. A pleasure. 不用客气;不用谢. It is (was) my pleasure. 别客气,这是我高兴做的.

Thanks and Answers 感谢和回答 A Thank 感谢 Thank you. 谢谢您. Thanks a lot. 多谢. Thank you for your help.谢谢您的帮助. Thank you. It was very kind of you.谢谢,您太好了. I'm very much obliged to you.非常感谢您. I don't know how I

It's nothing. Forget it. Skip it. No problem. Any time.

别人说:thank you!回答语可用:①Not at all.别客气;不用谢;哪儿的话.②Please don't mention it.不用客气;不用谢.③you are well come不用谢.④It is (was) my pleasure.别客气,这是我高兴做的.⑤My pleasure.不客气,这是我高兴做的事.⑥Pleasure is (was) all mine.不客气;不用谢.⑦No trouble at all.没什么;别客气.⑧No problem.不客气;不用谢.⑨It's nothing.没什么;不客气.⑩That's all right.没什么;不用谢.

对别人说感谢:I really appreciate your help very much/ thanks for your /it is very kind of you to do sth 回复别人的感谢:you are welcome/my preasure

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