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多交朋友,这样就不会感到孤独!To make more friends, so you don't feel lonely 望采纳,谢谢

直译:make yourself some friends,than you'll not lonely口语:go out and met some people,make yourself a people person,than you will be not lonely at all.

感到孤单,不善于交朋友:Feel lonely, not good at making friends:多参加一些聚会,试着和他人交谈:Some party, try to talk with others:担心学习,睡眠不好,感到很累:Worry about learning, poor sleep, very tired,常与老师和同学们聊天,散步,睡前喝点儿牛奶: Chat with your teachers and classmates frequently, take a walk, drink some milk before sleeping:

多交朋友,你就会减少孤独感Make more friends, you will reduce loneliness

To make some friends, friendship will make her forget her lonely

I feel lonely. I'm not good at making friends. He advised me to take part in some parties and try to communicate with others.

正是有了这样一个朋友,我才不再烦恼也不再感到孤独It is such a friend, I will no longer worry no longer lonely

Sometimes (he) feels lonely, hard to make friends, and easy to argue with others.

Friends are to accompany each other, to share the sweetness and bitterness together. How lonely life would be without friends! So make more friends, keep them by hanging out with them, say, joining in the swimming or other competitions together. May friendship live forever!希望对你有帮助

if you feel lonely, you can make some more friends. Sometimes they can help you with your study. Then you can study more easily.I know you caught a bad cold yesterday.满意望采纳!谢谢!

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