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1.过去将来进行时由主语+should(would)+be+现在分词2.否定:主语+should(would)+not+be+现在分词3.疑问:should(would)+主语+be+现在分词(+其他) 过去将来进行时主要用于宾语从句 中,尤其多用于间接引语中.举例:They said they would be coming.他们说了他们将要来. (用于间接引语中)

过去将来e5a48de588b67a686964616f31333363396335进行时是英语表达中的一种语法时态,表示就过去某一时间而言,将来某一时刻或某一段时间正在进行的动作.主要用于宾语从句 中,尤其多用于间接引语中.用法1.过去将来进行时主要

i'm doing my homework. you're washing your coat. he's watching tv. they're waiting for the train. what's going on there? she's watering the flower. i'm playing the piano. you're having breakfast. he's working on a project.

一般过去时:主语(就是I YOU They.之类的)+动词过去式 比如说:they went to school yesterday.【他们昨天去了学校】(在这里,主语是they,动词是go他的过去式是went) 现在完成时: have\has 加动词过去分词(done) 比如说:he has

展开全部1、I mean, the message has to be very, very clear as to what government will be doing. 翻译:我是说,政府将要采取什么措施必须非常非常明确和清楚.2、They will be doing it for us, and our morbidly projected fears for our own bodies.

概念 过去进行时(past continous tense)表示过去某时正在进行过去进行时的动作(不强调是否完成).结构 1. 过去进行时由“助动词was/were + 现在分词”构成 例如: we were having supper when the phone rang. 我们正在吃晚饭时电话响

一般将来时:1.Do you think it will rain?2.You will feel better after a good rest.3.I will borrow a book from our school library tomorrow.4.What will she do tomorrow?5.Sarah won

过去将来进行时的结构是:should/would be doing.1.He told me that he would be writing a letter this time tomorrow.他告诉我他明天这个时候将在写信.2.He wrote his father that he would be flying home the next morning.他写信告诉他父亲说他明

理解错了 He would have been watching TV. 他本来已经要一直看电视的.

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