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“he is singing in the ktv now. 他正在ktv里面唱歌.”这就是一个正在进行时句子的肯定句,要变为否定句,只需在系动词am/is/are 后面加not就可以,将上面的句子改为否定句就是:he is not singing in the ktv now. 希望以上可以帮到你!

1. i love our school2. i like playing football.2. there is a book on the floor.4. there are twenty desks in our classroom5. i like english but i prefer maths.6. i am a middle school students.7 they have a lovely dog.8. i usually go to school by bus.9 we like

I was watching TV before my father go home

Y代表肯定,N代表否定,?代表疑问 一般现在时: Y: I like eating fish. He usually rides a bicycle to school in the morning. N: My mother doesn't want to go to the hospital. She cannot figure out the way to church. ?: Do you want to drink coffer or tea?

您好,过去进行时的句型:1)肯定句:He was reading a book yesterday evening.(他昨晚多了一本书.)2)否定句:He wasn't reading a book yesterday evening.(他昨晚没有读书.)3)一般疑问句:Was he reading a book yesterday evening?(他昨晚读了书吗?)4)特殊疑问句:What was he reading yesterday evening?(他昨晚读了什么?)

I did my homework last night.My parents watched TV yesterday.I was playing computer at that time .He went go shool by car yesterday.The food was nice.I did not watch TV that day.My mother was not feel comfortable.He did not do his homework at all.I did not like the film.Last night Lily did not sleep well.

特殊疑问句 What was he saying yesterday?他昨天说什么? 一般疑问句 Were they doing their homework at that moment?他们在那时做作业了吗? 肯定句 I was finishing my homework at night.我昨天晚上写完我作业了, 否定句 She wasn't watching TV at that time. 她在那时没有看电视.

He was playing in the yard,变为He was not playing in the yard,

现进时肯定句:1.My mom is doing housework now. 2.I am doing my homework now. 3. lily is singing. 4.we are climbing the mountain now. 5. He is qurreling with his father. 否定句:第一句,第三句,第五句is后加not;第二句am后加not;第四句

您好,1)I went to school yesterday.(一般陈述句)2)Did you go to school yesterday?(一般疑问句)3)Yes, I went to school yesterday.(一般疑问句肯定回答)4)No, I didn't go to school yesterday.(一般疑问句否定回答)

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