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accomodations这里不是住宿的意思.academic accommodations 是指院校为了方便残疾学生完成学业而作出的种种让步以及为他们提供的特殊的方便他们的设施等.多用英文查查看,就知道了.不要看中英文字典,很容易误入歧途.

make accommodations to 使住宿变成……accommodation英[kmden]美[k:mden]n. 住处; 适应; 和解; 便利;[例句]There is less expensive accommodation nearby.附近有不太贵的住处.[其他] 复数:accommodations 形近词: accommodative accommodating accommodators

英式英语:accomodation 美式英语:accomodations 意思一样.

住宿, accormadate是容纳的意思, 没有吃饭一层意思, 变名词后是住宿.


accommodation美 [.km'de()n]英 [.km'de()n]n.住宿;住处;和解;膳宿适应;调节;顺应复数:accommodations句筛选1.The high cost of accommodation makes life difficult for manyChinese students in London.住宿昂贵使很多中国留学生感到在伦敦生活困难.2.This school provides accommodation and meals for the children.这所学校可以提供孩子们食宿.

此报价单不含人员机票和食宿This quotation sheet doesn't include personal flight ticket and accomodation.

[图文] eager to learn that some siheyuan courtyards in hutong were turned into accommodations(食宿) for visitors. I wished to stay in one someday. Preparing for a recent trip to the

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