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一般现在时:Teachers are needed badly here.这儿及需要教师.现在进行时:A modern hospital is being built in this area. 一般过去式:A modern hospital was built in this area last year. 过去进行时:A modern hospital was being built in this area then. 现在完成时:A modern hospital has been built in this area.

The cute guy was invited to our party. These dishes were washed this morning. My wages were paid to me last week.

过去完成时 主语+had +过去分词 We had finished learning Book1 till last week.过去完成时的被动语态 主语+had been +过去分词 Book1 had been finished learning(by us )till last week.

一般过去式的被动语态1 有三种情况,常用被动语态:(1)强调动作的承受者,而不强调施动者;(2)不必提及施动者;(3)不知道施动者.2 结构:主语+be的过去式+动词过去分词(1)He was arrested yesterday. 他昨天被捕了.(2)The

一般过去zhidao时的主动内语态: My mother made the cake last night. 一般过去时的被动容语态:The cake was made by my mother last night.

你好 一般现在时的被动语态,其主要结构为:★主语(动作接受者) + is / am / are + 动词的过去分词+ (by+ 动作执行者) football is played in most countries in the world.被动语态的句型总结如下:肯定句:主语 + be + 过去分词 + (by ).the

the car is repairedthe plane was repairedthe train will be repaired

主语(动作承受者) + was / were + 过去分词(+ by + 施动者)构成 句型格式:was / were + done I was taught by Miss Zhao last year. 去年,我是由赵老师教的. Those letters were wirtten by a famous writer. 那些信是由一位有名作家写的.

一般过去时:1.I watched TV last night.2.Did you watch TV last night? 3.There was an apple on the table last night. 4.Was there an apple on the table last night?5.I was late yesterday.6.He was a poet and a novelist .7.I phoned Sally but she was out.8.I

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