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一般将来时 :格式1. 在[名词]或 [代名词]后加 shall 或 will.即: I, / We / + shall or will, You / He / She / It / They + will注意: shall 祗可用于 I 及 We.2. 动词维持完形不变 [用法及例句]1. 表达将来会发生的动作He will work in that office next month. 他会于

1.I'm going to buy a flower to send to my GF.(我要去买花送给女友) 2.I'm to go to study English.(我要去学英语) 3.He's going to be a teacher.(他即将成为一个老师) 4.She is to go to see his two-year old consin.(她要去看她两岁大的侄子)

I will go to school tomorrow as usual. 我明天将会像往常一样去上学.She is going to visit to her grandpa next week.他打算下周去看他的外公.Lily will come back on monday.丽莉将在星期一回来.Bob and his friends will piay basketball on piayground.鲍勃将和他的朋友们一起在操场上打篮球.

明天我和姐姐去购物.Tomorrow I wil go shopping with my sister.

I will go to doctors' .

英语句型翻译 用一般将来时 1.广州将主办2010年第16界亚运会 The 16th Asian Games will be held in Guangzhou. 2.他们打算今年5月结婚 They are going to marry this May. 3.动一动你的脑筋,你就会想出好办法 Use your head, then you'll have a

肯定句:I/We shall/will go. You/He/She/They Will go. 否定句:I/We shall/will not go. You/He/She/They Will not go. 疑问句:Shall I/we go? Will 特殊疑问句:一般将来时的特殊疑问句是将疑问词放在句首,后接一般疑问句(就主语提问时,以疑问

1 I am going to have an art lesson.2. I am going to see a film.3. He is going to see his friend.4. I am going to visit my grandparents tomorrow morning .5. I am going to play basketball this evening.6. We are going to visit the science museum next week.7. I am going to read a book this evening.


if i have enough money if i have enough money,i will travel for seven days.the fitst day,i will go to beijing.because beijing is the capital city of china.first,i will go to tian'anmen square.and then,i will go to the palace museum.then,i will go to my

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