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1、 The room is cleaned (by him) everyday. (一般现在时的被动语态) 2、Many toys have been brought (by them) since last week.( 现在完成时的被动语态) 3、 The foreigners are being met (by them) at the gate.(现在进行时的被动语态)

I was told that he would come.It is said that she will show up.My homework has been finished.All that has been past.Leifeng will be remembered forever.The students are asked to finish the work.My pen is broken.They are lead to the cinema by their

The floor was swept. 地板打扫了. 2 The letter was written by him. 这封信是他写的. 3 The glass was broken by the boy. 杯子被那个男孩打破了. 4 English is spoken by many people in the world. 世界上许多人说英语. 5 Knives are used for

1. 一般现在时 People grow rice in the south of the states. Rice is grown in the south of the states. The school doesn't allow us to enter the chemistry lab without a teacher. We are not allowed to enter the chemistry lab without a teacher. 2. 一般过去时

1.a new dictionary was bought by lily yesterday. 2.i was given a present by him last week. 3.i was told a funny story by ann on our way to school. 4.the children will be sent some books by us. 5.her sing english songs are often heard by us.

1. People speak English in Canada.2. We founded The PRC on October 1, 1949.3. Students play football in most middle schools.4. They don't sell bikes in that shop.5.Jack will give an English class tomorrow.6. He is driving a car now.7.The

1. people speak english in canada. 2. we founded the prc on october 1, 1949. 3. students play football in most middle schools. 4. they don't sell bikes in that shop. 5.jack will give an english class tomorrow. 6. he is driving a car now. 7.the government

一)一般现在时 被动语态:主语+be+动词过去分词+by(加宾格) eg: He waters the flowers every day. The flowers are watered by him every day.二)一般过去时 被动语态:主语+was\were+动词过去分词 eg: He took care of his little brother


go,come, he was always writing at the desk. 3. (注意与be used to doing短语的区别) 3. (4)有些动词不能用进行时,这是一类表示“感觉,感情, every week等连用.例如,意为“显得,常与always,continually,forever,constantly等连用.例如,

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