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Helen Webb, Sainsbury's retail HR director, says this type of arrangement ismutually beneficial. Sainsbury零售店人力资源主管Helen Webb说,这种安排是互惠互利的.

1.My neighbor is a man of highest virtue. 我的邻居是一个具有高尚品德的人. 2.I wouldn't advise you to go against the director. 我反对你和经理对着干. 3.She keeps an unused stamp of monkey. 她保存着一枚未曾用过的猴邮票. 4.One smell of the rotten meat was enough! 这腐烂的肉闻一下就够受的了 5.The pen slips out of my fingers. 钢笔从我指缝中滑下去了. 6最后那个没找到那个意思啊,lz是不是写错了

The director is admitted to the Admission Office.主任被允许进入招生办公室.

director应用技巧2006-04-07 10:35:42 作者1、设置movie,使之自动缩放以适应屏幕大小 A使用如下script on preparemovie (the stage).rect=(the desktoprectlist).[1] (the stage).drawrect=(the desktoprectlist).[1] end 2、制作带阴影效果的text field

Thank you for sharing your brilliant ideas with us.谢谢您和我们分享您精彩的思想.

1. Our holiday plans are still at an indeterminate stage. 我们的假日计划还没有确定. 2.We are going to France to spend our holidays. 我们将去法国度假 3.I truely need to relax during the holiday. 我假期时真的需要好好放松一下

We must be careful of thieves when we are on bus. The little boy pretends to do his homework. The oil is used up,we must buy some. The director of the local zoo take good care of the animals.

'm being on holiday now.I have already been on holiday before;m on holiday.I was on holiday last week.I'm going to be on holiday next month.I'

famous著名的;be famous for以.而出名;be famous as作为.而出名Lu Xun is a famous writer.(鲁迅是一个著名的作家.)Hawaii is famous for its natural beauty.(夏威夷以它美丽的自然风景而出名.)Zhang Yimou is famous as a director.(作为一个导演张艺谋是很出名的.)

1.we are ashamed of you. 2.we are embarrassed about the coming test. 3.i am disappointed about 4.she is grateful at you with her english. 5.my father is angry with me about my study. 6.we are all delighted by the wonderful thing he had done. 7.don't be nervous about our english.study hard,and it will be better soon.

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