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Is this equipment tested for mechanical aptitude?这台设备测定了其机械适应性了吗?Is this reference book of any use to me?这本参考书对我有用处吗?It is this molecular motion that we call heat.就是这种分子运动我们称之为热.Is this the

Is this your cat? Is this a ruler? HIS mother is a doctor. The book is his. I fell in love with her. Give her the keys.

this is a dog

Is this a pen? Yes,it is./No,it isn't.

1.who is he ? 2.who is she ? 3.who is this boy ? 4. who is this girl ? 5.who is that man ?6. who is that woman ? 7. who is mr wang ? 8. who is that young man over there ?9. who is that old woman ? 10.who is speaking with our maths teacher ?

您好!请问是这三个词分别造句吗?如果是分别造句的话答案如下:1.this is a pen这是支笔2.is that your pencil?那是你的铅笔?3.because i like cat因为我喜欢猫咪如果是this is because 一起造句的话 答案如下1.this is a girl because she wears skirt这是个女孩子 因为她穿着裙子 希望能帮到你!

Is this your pen?(这是你的笔吗?)No,it isn't.(不,这不是.)Is this her teacher?(这是她的老师吗?)yes,she is.(是的,她是.)

is this a dog?is this a cat?is this a pig?is this a fish?is this a hen?is this a sheep?is this a fly?is this a bee?is this an apple?is this a banana?谢谢,望采纳

用英语let's,let me造句1 let's help the old woman who is lying on the ground.2 let me help you with your english

this is a dog.that is a dog.these are my pens.those are her books.

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