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(使)不在,(使)不接近.(使)远离.Keep the children away from the fire.让孩子离火远一点:You must keep away from the dog.你千万别靠近那条狗keep away (from)1

To keep away from illness,the best way is to have a healthy lifestyle.

. keep themselves away from viruses because they are invisible. 远离病毒,因为它们是看不见的 Do not eat. Keep away from fire. 切勿食用,远离火源

Keep away from me!

keep sb/sth from +分词 是阻止,妨碍的意思 例句与用法: 1. I hope you will keep from doing anything rash. 我希望你不要做出任何鲁莽的事情来. 2. I horse around quite a lot, just to keep from getting bored. 我胡闹了一阵儿,只是为了摆脱厌烦

can 能,会I can cook.我会做饭.She can swim 她会游泳.

(使)不在,(使)不接近.(使)远离.keep the children away from the fire.让孩子离火远一点:you must keep away from the dog.你千万别靠近那条狗keep away (from)1

I can speak in english .I can run faster than before I can eat some food I can read some words I can hear something in another room.I can't do like that I can't say anything .I can't live without you.I can't believe you .I can't eat any food again.

1.ancient she likes chinese ancient history 她喜欢中国古代史 2.fable the fable is very meaningful to us 这则寓言对我们很有意义 3.keep i kept standing in the sun 我一直在太阳下站着 4.renew she had a rest and renewed her strength 她歇息了会

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