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1. Children often dislike homework.孩子们通常都不喜欢家庭作业.2. He is often late for class.他上课时常迟到.3. Man is often taller than woman.一般说来男子比女子高.4. How often does the train run?这火车多久一班?5. How often do you go there?你多久去那里一次? -------------------------------望采纳 (喵酱记)

he said he will always be with you. she often go shopping on friday. sometimes it is wrong. he never work in the evening.


用how long,how often和when造句 how long have you lived in shanghai? how often do you go to the cinema? when did you see him?

I often walk with my dogs.He often plays computer games.They often do their homework togeter.

i often go to school at six o'clock.注意often跟not连用表示半否定.

I often play computer games I ofte walking with my mother I often go to the movie at night I often get up at 7:00 I often run in the morning

During the econmic crisis, professionals from the government and the financial sectors foten meet to discuss strategies.在金融危机时,政府部门和金融业的专家经常碰面商讨策略.

I often go to park.

how often does he go to cinema ?how often does he go shopping?how often does he do his homework?how often does he see the doctor?how often does he play football?how often does he play basketball?how often does he travel ?how often does

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