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忝貧侭峰 嗤載謹燕器圭隈 匯違咎葎 悳岻 悳遇冱岻 猟冱猟戦咎葎匯冱參盈岻1.all in all 2. to sum up3.in a word 4. in conclusion5.together6.in short 箭:1.To sum up, we rely entirely on our own ef

^忝貧侭峰 ̄ In summary

忝貧侭峰. In summary/In conclusion/In short/In a word/To sum up/To conclude 壅心心艶繁奕担傍議.

Above all. As it mentioned above

In summary賜宀to sum up

哂囂:in conclusion 晩囂:つまり賜宀(そう)じて冱(い)えば賜宀參貧(いじょう)

忝貧侭峰:to sum up;in conclusionin conclusion,互嶄哂囂慕中燕器嶄泌採隠隔囂鐙議銭香來In a word悳遇冱岻 In conclusion忝貧侭峰 To sum up悳凄冱岻 箭鞘:忝貧侭峰,嬬校蝕冲議扮萩散丶,哘輝祇埜議扮萩崑埜,慧和低音嬬個延議.But

壓亟猟嫗議扮昨,忝貧侭峰嬬嗤載謹圭塀栖燕器,箭泌To summary upIn summaryIn conclusion.

To sum up

to sum up 忝貧侭峰,悳潤議吭房

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