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bring along 把一起带来 bring back 归还 bring out 发表,拿出 bring up 抚养,呕吐 bring on 引起 bring in 引来,引进,介绍,收入,领……进来 bring forward 提出;提前 (= put forward) bring about 带来,造成 bring down :使 … 下降,

achievement, make ~s取得成就

put forward

1 support2 kangayoos3 caring4 lively5 weight6 turu off7 terriblely8 pull down9 to live10 textbooks

1 bring around 或 bring roundTo cause to adopt an opinion or take a certain course of action.说服:使采用某项提议,使采取某种行动To cause to recover consciousness.使恢复知觉2 bring downTo cause to fall or collapse.使倒下,使崩溃To kill.

1.work for john.一般用于为谁工作,当然也可以用作“为了什么工作”2.work as a teacher.用于介绍职业,work as a painter3.work to earn money.介绍工作的目的,为了什么工作4.work at a school介绍工作地点,在哪儿工作 accomplish splendid

get the knock 喝醉; 被解雇; 被开除; 遭到失败 take the knocks 遭受挫折 喝醉 stand the knocks 遭受挫折 喝醉 knock about 接连打击(指拳击), (浪等)反复冲击(船只); (物等)碰撞; 粗暴对待(=knock around); [口]到处流浪,

1我们害怕狗.We ( are )( afraid )(of )dogs. be afraid of sth 害怕某物2他害怕看见老师.He is ( afraid ) ( to ) see the teacher. be afraid to do sth害怕做某事 He is ( afraid ) ( of ) seeing teacher. be afraid of doing sth 意思同上3你今天能完成这件事吗

accomplish的宾语经常是:aim, end, feat, mission, object, purpose, task等.没有achieve的用途广.We have accomplished all we set out to do.我们已经完成我们着手做的事情.Exactly what he thought hewould accomplish isunclear.There are

don't fail to务必, 一定never fail to(do)必定, 从未忘记without fail必定, 务必fail of缺乏能力; 不能达到fail to没有(做某事); 疏忽; 忘记(做某事)

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