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advocate v. 提倡,拥护;为……辩护 n. 拥护者;辩护者;辩护律师,出庭律师;律师;为(某团体)谋利益者 短语 Terrors Advocate 恐怖分子代言人 Advocate General 法律顾问 ; 总顾问 ; 顾问官 ; 佐审官 Devil Advocate 魔鬼代言人 Weekly

首先,这是个并列句,两个句子的主语都是 The Chinese traditional values.第一个句子的谓语是advocate,宾语是industry.句子成分完整,没问题.而第二个句子的确是缺谓语.因为against…是介词短语,不能单独作谓语.

n. 提倡者;支持者;律师 vt. 提倡,主张,拥护

advocate后面要加动词ing形式,advocate doing sth.表示“提倡做某事”I(主语) don't advocate(谓语) building large factories(宾语)若理解请采纳.

A a (large) number of 许多 a bit 一点儿 a block of 一块 a bottle of 一瓶 a few 许多 a good/great deal of 大量(的);非常多(的) a great/good many 很多的, 非常多的 a group of 一群,一组 a little 许多 a lot of/lots of 许多 a pair of 一双,一对 a

英语介词搭配一览表 talk about 关于…谈话 information about 关于…知识,消息 concern about 关怀 opinion about 对…意见 complain about 对…有怨言 doubt about 对…怀疑 anxious about 担忧…,关怀… nervous about 担心… cautious about 对

consider,suggest,advocate 提倡 look forward to 盼望 forgive原谅 acknowledge承认/admit 承认 postpone延迟延期/delay 延迟/defer 拖延 recall回想/fancy 幻想爱好 avoid避免 miss错过 keep保持 practise练习实践 deny否认 complete完成/finish 完成

常见GMAT语法固定搭配:1. 一般不用被动语态的动词或GMAT考试动词短语lead, cause, enable, become, receive, visit, visit, lack, enter, cost, possess, resemble, last, like, enjoy, notice, watch, look at, listen to, pay attention to, suit, fit, contain, so

make/have/let sb do sth ,see sb do sth see sb doing sth , remember/regret/forget to do sth remember/regret/forget doing sth 下列动词及短语接动词ing形式 advise, admit ,avoid,mind, practise, suggest, imagine, miss, enjoy, finish, keep,appreciate,

问题的常用词:question, problem, issue Recently, the issue of has been broughtinto public focus. 近来,_______的问题引起了社会的广泛关注. Now we are entering a brand newera full of opportunities and innovations, and great

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