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At A timE造句

Do one thing at a time.一次只专注于一件事情.Teach a word at a time.一次教一个单词.Take it one task at a time一次完成一项任务

talking about these with you is a waste of time.

at the time 那时候 例句:It seemed like a disaster at the time.在当时那就像是一场灾难.Please pay on (ie at the time of) delivery.请於交货时付款.Admittedly, he didn't know that at the time.无可否认, 他当时并不知道.at that/the time KK: [ ] DJ: [ ]1. 在那时 He was very poor at that time.他那时候很穷.

你好!at a time :一次;每次;在某时Let your listener answer one question at a time. 让你的听众一次回答一个问题. at one time :曾经,一度;同时All showed signs that, at one time, they had been active. 所有迹象表明,它们曾一度活跃过 如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

at a time

1.He gets close to wildlife at times,but only when the animals come to him.他有时候和野生动物有近距离的接 触,但也只是那些动物主动靠近他.

1. He gets close to wildlife at times, but only when the animals come to him. 他有时候和野生动物有近距离的接 触,但也只是那些动物主动靠近他.

at times 的意思是有些时候.因为at是在,times是复数的时间.所以就是在有些时间.比如说:I like to eat apple at times. 就是说有些时候我喜欢吃苹果.at a time 是在一个时间.因为这里的time用了“a", 所以是单数并且特指在某个时间, 或者一个时间.就像你说的,live one day at a time是活一天算一天.另一种说法就是一个时间内活一天.每”一个时间“(at a time) 活一天 "live one day". 所以就是说活了这天,再想下一天.就成了活一天算一天.解释的不算最好但是是原创.希望可以帮到你.

The teacher told the children to talk one at a time; if they all talked at one time. she could not understand them.老师叫孩子们一个接一个 讲;假如他们一起讲,她无法听清楚望采纳,谢谢!

at a time 作“一次,每次”讲,常用于“数词+at a time”的结构中.例如: Enter two at a time. 每次进来两人. He checked them off one at a time as they came in. 他们进来时,他一个一个地核对. 注意它与at one time 的区别.at one time一般指“过去某一时期,曾一度(once)”或“同时”的意思.如表示“同时”,则两者可通用.例如: At one time I used to like her, but not any more. 我曾一度很喜欢他,现在可不喜欢了.

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