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be suitable (for sb )to do sth, be suitable for sth be suitable to do sth.

be suitable to do 适合做…… be suitable for 适合于

be suitable for 中文意思:适于; 合适的; 英[bi: sju:tbl f:] 美[bi sutbl fr] 例句 So information and knowledge has to be suitable for you to make your businessdecisions when you need to make them. 所以信息和知识一定要对你,适

首先要跟你说:没有be suit to这个用法,因为suit是动词(当然也有名词的词性,是衣服的意思) be fit for 和be suit for 的区别:be fit for是具体的 This food is not fit for your visitors. 这食物对你的客人来说不合适. "After the interview, the

be suited for是 使与相符的意思 如:5261 He wasn't suited for the job and left after two weeks. 他不适合做这份工作, 两周后就离职了 be suitable for 是与.相符的意思 如: he is suitable for the job. 他挺适合这份工作的 两者4102的意思区别在于中1653文的这个“使”字 Be+动词过去式表示被动语态,而suitable for是短语做状语,全句依然是内主动语态 打字不易,如满意,望容采纳.

be suitable to 后面主要接动词 be suitable for后面接名词 如:I don't think I should be suitable for the post. 我认为这个岗位对我不合适.

某某某 对于某某某来说很适合,某某某可以使人或者物比如:your manner is suitable for formal occasions. 你的举止很适合正式场合I am always suitable for endurance races. 我很适合长距离的耐力跑Mary is suitable for you as a wife. 玛丽很适合当你的妻子.This t-shirt is suitable for me.这个体恤衫很适合我.

A is suitable for B A适合B((人)物对(人)物) This hat is suitable for you.这顶帽子很适合你.A is suitable to do sth A适合做某事(人(物)对事) Tom is suitable to finish the project.汤姆适合完成这个项目.Be suitable for doing sth=be suitable to do sth 满意请采纳


一个是前者 一个是后者. 配什么什么而后面那个是和什么什么合适

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