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but even that challenge he accepted. 但即使是那个挑战他都接受了. 倒装句而已,突出“even that challenge(甚至那个挑战)”.

challenge 英 ['tlnd] 美 ['tlnd] 形容词: challengeable 过去式: challenged 过去分词: challenged 现在分词: challenging 第三人称单数: challenges 基本释义 n.挑战;邀请比赛;盘问;质疑 v.向 挑战;盘问;质疑 用作

[图文] mentally challenged with little or no chance of__ 11 __." Mom accepted the opportunity very __ 12 __. For almost five years, as a teacher's assistant, she saw tea

[图文] I had lost all hope. Then I heard from Plymouth State. Not my first 36 , but I had been accepted. Maybe if I get my 37 up, I can manage to another nicer school The college application p

[图文] 60.According to the passage,which way is not likely to be accepted by English beginners? A.Recite poems loudly along the riverside. B.Listen to some English

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