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disguisevt. 把假扮起来;把乔装起来[(+as)]She disguised herself as a man. 她将自己乔装成男人. classify vt.将分类;将分等级 Eggs are classified according to size. 鸡蛋按大小分等级. condemn vt.责难,责备,谴责We condemn his foolish behavior. 我们谴责他的愚蠢行为.

邮局里的人员将信件按寄送地点分类.Men in the post office classify mail according to places it is to go.老师根据学生年龄将他们分组.The teacher classifies the students according to their ages.望采纳.

分类的英语:classify ['klsfa] 扩展资料 词性:vt. 分类;分等.短语:classify stamping 冲压工艺的分类 to classify 划分 risk classify 风险分类 classify secrets 确定密级 Classify Parameters 参数分类 Classify compare 分类比较法 mercaptan

He disguised his hatred with friendly care.他用友好的关心来掩盖他的憎抄恨.百 We shall classify these subjects under three topics.我们将把这些度问题分成三个主题. We condemn his foolish behavior.我们谴责他的愚蠢行为.

to classify parenting as a personal choice for which there is no将作家长视为个人选择,对此就不涉及(社会的)集体责任从原文看,作者认为,作家长,因为你培养的是明天(社会)的生产力公民,因此应该是社会行为,不应该只视为是个体行为,因此要选择答案D再看看别人怎么说的.

1.I'm not interested in your privacy,not in the slightest.我对你的隐私不感兴趣,一点儿也不. I don't mind your be lating in the slightest.我一点儿也不介意你迟到. 2.Can you let him down?It's too high there.你能让他下来吗?那里太高了. He's so

1 be willing to do 愿意做 He is willing to be a pilot.2 get sb. done James got his work done, and left early.3 try to do Jack is trying to improve his English.4 comflict with sb. 与某人发生冲突 Mary comflict with Maria on one argument.5 accomplish 完成

Garbage in the city seriouly pollutes the environment and is also harmful to our health. We may carry out the refuse classification and utilization of waste policy as well as legislate for it.

你句子都摘录不全啊!原文是:But on other occasions Hardy abandoned a perilous, what was for him the fatally relaxing impulse to classify and schematize abstractly.【参

1. It took Nancy a long time to adapt to the new enviroment and life pace of Italy.2. At least one third of time is spent on the long travel way as calculated.3. Can you classify these English words according to the meaning?4. The volunteers helped to

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