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complain about sth 抱怨某事 complain to sb 想某人抱怨 complain that+从句 抱怨某事

vi. 1. 抱怨,发牢骚;诉说(病痛等)[(+to/about/of)] I've really got nothing to complain of. 我确实没有什么可抱怨的. He complained to me about the food. 他向我抱怨伙食不佳. 2. 控诉,投诉[(+to/about/of)] He complained to the police of the boys stealing his apples. 他向警方控告那些男孩偷他的苹果. vt. 1. 抱怨;控诉[Y][+that] He complained that the exam was too hard. 他抱怨考试太难了.

1.Now imagine working from a test matrix.现在,假设根据一个测试矩阵来工作.2.People who lack experience are free to imagine what is possible and thus can appro ach a task without constraints of established habits and attitudes.缺乏实际经验

mention D.J.[menn] K.K.[mnn] vt.提到, 说起 He mentioned them by name.他举出了他们的名字.Before closing I want to mention all those who contributed so generously.在我结束讲话的时候, 我想提一下所有慷慨捐赠的人.

concern about 关心,担心:I concerned about your health.be concern with 与有关:This man is concerned with the accident.concern oneself about 对关心:He is often concerning himself about his son.concern oneself in 忙于; 从事; 关心, 关切:He is concerning himself in his work.concern oneself with 与concern oneself in同义

contribute to,这里to是介词,后面通常跟名词.make a contribution to to 是介词,后常跟动名词.contribute sth

complain about

responsibility for 责任;负责 sense of responsibility 责任感,责任心 social responsibility 社会责任 responsibility system 责任制 take responsibility 承担责任 legal responsibility 法律责任 take responsibility for 对…负责 criminal

afford sth. to s.=afford sb. sth.1. afford是动词,意为“买得起,担负得起”.通常与can, could, be able to连用,尤用于否定句或疑问句中.如:They couldn't afford $50 for a ticket. 他们拿不出50美元买一张票.Can we afford a new car? 我们能买得起一辆新车吗?2. afford后面常跟带to的动词不定式.如:We can't afford to go abroad this summer.今年夏天我们没有足够的钱出国.

1、suggest doing sth 固定词组用法,还有suggest sb do sth的句型,还有suggest that+从句的用法,还有suggest sth to sb 建议某人某事,但是没有suggest sb to do sth 的用法.2、suggest sb do sth, recommed sb to do sth ,propose to do sth.

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