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cultural practice 网络 文化实践; 栽培技术; 文化习俗; 文化实作; [例句]And that means: Contemporary art became today a mass cultural practice.这意味着:当代艺术在今天成为了一种大众文化实践.


Norms are the agreed-upon expectations and rules by which a culture guides the behavior of its members in any given situation. Of course, norms vary widely across cultural groups. Americans, for instance, maintain fairly direct eye contact when

Cultural Differences and marketing Globalization is an inevitable process in the 21st Century, and so is the cross-culturalization. On the one hand, the world is becoming more homogeneous, and distinctions between national markets are not only

并且对于文化实践不止是礼节性的应允(承诺)希望能帮到你 呵呵

建议去读悉尼大学的master of media practice 哦!这个专业的课程更加注重提高口头和书面的沟通能力,还可以学习到主流媒体的操作技能,以理论与实践相结合的方式提升自己的专业能力. 不过最重要的是要提高你自己的英语水平,具有强烈的好奇心和冒险精神,另外要在澳洲找到相关工作血药学到澳洲媒体的一些思考方式.

cultural default 文化缺省双语例句 1.Cultural default in brand name translation is brought about as two cultures encounter. 商标词翻译中的文化缺省随着两种文化的碰撞而产生.2.The conception, categorization and causes of cultural default in brand name translation are the key points ofthis thesis. 商标词中文化缺省的概念、分类和产生的原因是本文分析的重点.

Culture is the knowledge and achievement acquired and created from the social practice of human beings. Different commodities come from different countries, different districts and even different workers, which causes different cultures in them. This is the cultural value of commodities.

Enterprise culture in the course of practice,refer to enterprises,and gradually form a staff identity,abide by,with the value of the enterprise characteristics and operating criteria

international practice 英 [ntnnl prktis] 美 [ntnnl prkts] 国际惯例 双语例句1. It is international practice that reinspection should be made. 根据国际惯例应进行复查.来自互联网2. China will in foreign

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