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FAmiliArity with的例句

请看例句: e.g. Compared with his bike,mine looks better. 跟他的自行车比起来,我的看起来好多了. 这里compared with前省略了When my bike is.这样就能解释,为什么compare后面加d了. e.g.You can never compare yourself with him. 你永远不能和他相提并论. 这里co

be happy with (接名词) 是对感到满足 比如1、She is happy with her grades.2、She is happy with her new toy.

he would have the politicians to reckon with.他们答应向他赔偿所造成的损失.If that happenedThey promised to reckon with him for the damage done.倘使碰到了这样的事情,他就非要把一些政客牵入不可.Marx did not haveFox News and the Daily Mail to reckon with.然而马克思没有福克斯新闻和每日邮报来参考

He is arguing with his sister about the math problem********************************************************************* 祝学习进步!如果不明白,请再问;如果对你有所帮助,请点击本页面中的“选为满意回答”按钮,谢谢!**********************************************************************


1、along with,使用的是就远原则, 连接前后两个主语时,谓语动词应和前面的那个主语保持一致.2、along with英 [l wi] 美 [l w] 释义:连同;以及;和…一起[一道];随着;除…以外(还).例句:(1)I can't go

acquaintance n. 有熟人,认识,熟知的意思 eg: I have no acquaintance with the book. 我不熟悉这本书的内容 familiarity n. 有熟悉,亲密,精通的的意思 eg: I know that is her because of familiarity. 我知道那是她,因为熟悉感 希望对你有帮助哦~

Compare with apartment hunting,my research work is a cinch.跟找房子相比,我的研究工作真算不上什么.Teacher takes Shelley to compare with Keats mutually.教师拿Shelley与Keats相比较.Compare with those who is suffering,we are better off.跟那些受苦的人相比,我们过得很好了.

share with 翻译:分与,分配;和…分享 用法:share with 分享 Share joy with sorrow 一起分享快乐 share A with B 与乙分担甲 [网络短语] share with 分与,同住,指两个客人同住一间房 share with 分享 share sth with sb 与某人分享某物,和某人分

she is occupied in looking after 3 children.她忙于照料3个孩子 希望能帮到你哦,望采纳

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