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FEEl likE的意思并造句

意思: 想要;感到好似 On a beautiful day like today, I feel like I want for nothing. 就像在今天一样的好天气里,我感觉自己一无所求. Well, yes, but I feel like I've been roasted. 嗯,还好,但是我觉得自己好像被烤过一样. I don't feel like climbing mountains for an entire week. 我不想花一整个星期的时间去爬山.

It feels like rain soon.好像马上就要下雨了.I feel like a rest after the long journey. 长途旅行后我想休息一下.精锐五角场

it feels like nobody ever love me until you loved me.

feel like: [ 'fi:l-.laik ] 想要;意欲, 摸上去如同;(人)有某种感觉; 有知觉;相像的,相似的. Examples: 1. Do what you feel like! 做你想要做的事! 2. No man feel like laughing when he bump his funny bone. 没有人在撞伤了笑筋时想要笑. 3.

i feel like playing basketball alone today. i feel like spending time with my dog today since i have a lot of free time. i feel like studying for a long time because i have a test tomorrow. 其实这个句型很容易造句的,后面加动词ing形式就好,陈述你要做的事情.

I feel like to go for shopping now

I feel like watching TV.我想看电视.--手工劳动,满意请采纳,谢谢--

I feel like slapping you.I feel like playing football.I feel like dropping business.

I don't feel like going anymore.

想要 (feel like doing sth.相当于would like to do sth.):想要做某事

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