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1.感谢你对我的帮助.Thank you for your help2.感谢你一直陪伴我.2. Thank you for your having been with me.

While we come across danger, he is thought of first helping other people.

dont mention it 全部释义和例句>> 别提了 Don' mention it.是用于口语的表达,有两种意思,既可以说 不客气,例如--Thanking you for helping me.--Don't mention it.区区小事,不足挂齿 还可以说某事别提了,一般是不好的事情.

1. He often wrote to his father 2. I want to tell my best friend this matter 3. She would like to know the situation of our school 4. Thank you for helping me

I would like to make a pen pal from Brazlia.My hobby is different from hers.She enjoyed herself in her holiday.Thanks for helping with my subjects.

英文原文:help your self 英式音标:[help] [j; j] [self] 美式音标:[hlp] [jr jr jorj] [slf]


mention[英][menn][美][mnn]vt.提到,说起; 提名表扬; n.提及; 第三人称单数:mentions过去分词:mentioned复数:mentions现在进行时:mentioning过去式:mentioned以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.Did I hear you mention a gambling casino? 我好像听到你提到过一个

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