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lay one's hands on 拿到,抓到;伤害;把…弄到手;As global credit has dried up, even Tata Motors, one of India's best companies, has been struggling to lay its hand on capital. 在全球信贷收缩的大环境下,作为印度最优秀的公司之一的塔塔

shrug one's shoulder ,shoulder 要加s

get one's hands on得到,找到,占有;用作动词 (v.)peter read every book he could lay his hands on.彼得读了他能弄到手的每一本书.now we must get hold of that bird's heart.现在我们必须把那只鸟的心弄到手.反义词 为 abuse one's hands


lay hands on v. 得到,攻击,找到 [例句]The government offers them all kinds of welfare , but because they lack an identity , they struggle to lay hands on what they have been promised.政府给穷人提供各种福利,但是也因为没有身份,他们要花很大的力气才能得到那些本就承诺给予他们的福利.

put one's hands on是“找到”的意思 望采纳谢谢


join one's hands ,携手;有关于hand的短语有:accept sb's hand 接受某人的求婚 decline sb's hand 拒绝某人的求婚ask for a lady's hand 向某个女人求婚 gain a lady's hand 求得某女士同意结婚bear a hand in 在…中出一把力bind hand and foot

Be prepared to put one's hand in one's pocket准备慷慨解囊"But, one morning Miss Sullivan took Helen to a water pond, and she put Helen's hand under the water. "直到一天早晨,萨莉文小姐带着海伦来到一个池塘边,她把海伦的手放进水里


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