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look For造句

你好!I am looking for my dog now.我正在找我的狗 希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.

look for 寻找i am looking for my books.

They look for the best student in the entire school.

He was looking for his book他在寻找他的书

look for 是“寻找”的意思,相当于search for.它强调寻找的过程,而find强调寻找的结果.I looked for my pen,but I couldn't find it.我寻找我的笔,但是找不着.

i looked to this phone.i looked up him.i looked after this old man.i am looking for a watch.i was looking forward to him.he looks like a genius.she is looking down to the river.people are looking down at this coin.i am looking over this fence.辛苦手打,只望采纳~o(∩_∩)o~

I am looking for you.我正在找你

I am looking for the book.我正在找书

can i look for a few new words in the dictionary? 翻译的句子 第一个是我可以借你的书吗? 第二个意思是 你可以把你的书借给我吗?

He looks for the lonely, the lost, the unloved.他找的是孤独的人、失落的人和缺少爱的人.

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