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occupy表占领; 使用的意思,那么你知道occupy的短语有哪些吗?接下来小编为大家整理了occupy的短语搭配,希望对你有帮助哦! occupy的短语: ~+名词 occupy an apartment 住进住所 occupy sb's attention 引起某人的注意 occupy a

句子中的mainly是修饰后面的介词短语about weather and seasons.据词法意义和句法功能将副词分为两大类:1)方式副词、程度副词、时间副词和地点副词;2)句子副词、连接副词、解说副词、疑问副词、关系副词和感叹副词.其实除了这些副词之外,还有一种叫做限制性副词,它可以修饰介词短语、状语从句等,也可以修饰名词,对该名词进行范围上的限制,以突出该名词,如:ehiefly, especially, largely, mainly, particularly, specially等.

impress1 及物动词 vt. 1.给极深的印象;使感动[W][H] I was very impressed by his story. 他的故事深深打动了我. The woman impressed me most unfavorably. 这女人给我的印象极差. 2.使铭记,铭刻[O][(+on/upon)] My father impressed on me

一、短语 be surprised about 对〔听到〕…感到吃惊 be surprised at 对〔听到〕…感到吃惊 be surprised at the news 听了这消息非常诧异 surprise sth from sb 出其不意地使某人说出某事 surprise sb into tears 出其不意地使人哭起来 surprise sth out

important explanation 重要说明 vitally important 性命攸关 most important 首要的 distinctly important极为重要的 play an important role 起到重要作用

To pollute water, air, or land means to make it dirty and dangerous to live in or to use, especially with poisonous chemicals or sewage.

1. 需负责任的,承担责任的[F][(+for/to)] Politicians are responsible to the voters. 政治家应对选民负责. She is my child, and I am responsible for her. 她是我的孩子,我对她负责. 2. 作为原因的[F][(+for)] Heavy rains were responsible for the shortage of vegetables. 大雨是蔬菜短缺的原因. Bad weather is responsible for the poor crop. 坏天气是收成不好的原因.

be annoyed with sb. for sth.对(某人)为(某事)而生气be annoyed with sb. at sth.对(某人)为(某事)而生气

permit的短语:1)permit into(v.+prep.) 允许…进入 allow sb to enter somewhere Would you permit them into the room for a few minutes to talk to you?你能允许他们进来同你谈几分钟话吗?2)permit (of)(v.+prep.) 容许,留有余地 admit of 〔说明〕

succeed in doing sth succeed only in doing sth取得相反的效果; 弄巧成拙 succeed sb as sth接替某人做某事 nothing succeeds like success一事成,事事成;一顺百顺 高考用不到 不过认识一下也无妨 希望可以帮到你

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