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1 继续前进, 继续进行, 往前走Don't halt here.Move on, move on!不要停留在这里, 往前走, 往前走!We talked about these for a while and then moved on to another house.我们谈了一会儿之后, 就前往另一家去了.I have been in this job for

move on 本意就是“前行、继续向前进” 但是在感情方面说 move on,光是这么一个动词短语是无法解释的,两种可能都有必须看前后语.Let's move on 我们继续前进(继续维持关系) you should move on 你该继续前进(我就未必奉陪啦) I'm going to move on 我将继续我的路(你该干嘛干嘛吧) 所以要看你收到的全句是写些什么才能解释.

move on 1. 离开,动身: After staying a few days in Shanghai, he moved on to Singapore. 在上海逗留了几天之后,他又启程去新加坡. 2. (命令…)走开,不要停留: We tried to see who had been hurt, but the police told us to move on. 我们想

move on[英][mu:v n][美][muv n]继续前进; 对…采取行动; 出发; 离开;


继续 keep going

moves on的中文翻译 moves on 移动 双语例句 1 an enclosed armored military vehicle; has a cannon and moves on caterpillar treads. 密封的装甲军事车辆;装有大炮并且用毛虫状轮胎移动. 2 Barclays Capital notes there were plenty of other

只能是I'm moving on或I'll move on,还有I am going to move on 等等.这样的句式,be动词后面肯定是不能加动词原形的.但I'm moving on是我将离开的意思,I am going to move on则是我要继续前进,所以你说的我向前走了最好不要用move on 表示,可以用I go forward(我向前走)或I am moving forward(我正在向前走)表示.

比较口语的:I gotta move on.

Let's move on to the next topic.

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