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opinion poll 选举投票,民意测验public opinion 公众舆论 opinion survey 民意调查dissenting opinion 反对意见 pass an opinion vt. 下结论a matter of opinion 看法不同的问题 status opinion 现况报告opinion rating 评价等级 opinion leader 意见领袖

1. in my opinion 2. as for me 3. as far as i am concerned 4. in my view (楼下有些表述不对) 希望可以帮助你,满意的话,希望采纳,谢谢!

1、and how! (informal)very much so (used to express strong agreement) (非正式)[用于表达强烈同 意]当然啦!那还用说!可不是! 'Did you miss me?' 'And how!'.“想我吗?”“当然啦!”.2、here's how! (dated)said when drinking

In my opinion,you are very smart.

opinion的音标:英音[ 'pinin ]; 美音[ 'pinjn ] opinion的意思是:可数名词解释:1.opinion (of/about sb/sth) 意见;看法;主张2.专业性的评估或意见 不可数名词解释:1.集体的意见或看法;舆论2.be of the opinion that 主张;认为词义

in light of按照,根据He reviews his policy in the light of recent developments.他根据最近的事态发展重新考虑自己的方针. in consideration of考虑到,由于,作为对…的报酬In consideration of our old friendship, I forgave him.考虑到我们

1.hold up v. 举起,阻挡,耽搁,支撑,抢劫,使停顿,举出 例句与用法:Managed to hold up under the daily stress. 想办法应付每天的生活压力 I decided to hold up on the news until he was sure of it. 我决定暂缓发布消息,直到我确信准确无误.

1. be afraid of 害怕某事 I'm afraid of walking alone in the darkness. 2. agree to do sth. 同意做某事. I agree to help him work over the problem. 3. not…at all 一点也不 I do not like him at all. 4. one after another 一个接一个 Summer holiday is coming,

I wasn't asking for your opinion, Mike. 我不是在问你的看法,迈克.

opinion ['pinjn] n. 1. 意见,看法,见解,主张 2. (个人)见解的表达 3. 舆论 4. (专家、医生、律师等的)专门意见;鉴定 5. 评价;印象 6. 好评;尊重 7. 【法律】陈述,裁决;理由 8. [废语]自负,自大 9. [废语]名誉;信誉

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