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peaceful adj.和平的, 平静的, 安宁的, 爱好和平的


名称:捷豹f-pace 它同级别车型也很多,像奥迪Q5,路虎揽胜极光,宝马X3,奔驰GLC,凯迪拉克XT5等车型都是这个级别.

peace 是名词:guard for peace 保卫和平peaceful 是形容词:peaceful heart 平静的心

peace [pis]n. 和平;平静;和睦;秩序Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.目不见者,心可感之

pace.at a fast as like as two peas.peach.pear.pen.pence.pencil.penny.pepper.per.perfume.period.persuade.persude sb to do.pest.pet.phenomenon.phrase.pick.pick out.pick up.panda.panic.be seized wit

没有这个词啦!你要找的是不是:prancen.译: (马)后足立地腾跃, 昂首阔步vi. 腾跃, 欢跃, 昂首阔步vt. 使腾跃

You should follow the pace of the teacher at a fast pace, or you may not keep pace with other student. You must try your best if you want to set the pace.你该尽快跟上老师否则就要落后.想领先就要努力

It seems that everyone is in a hurry these days. In our fast- paced and competitive society many people feel that they must do things as quickly as possible or they will fall behind. Certainly, there are many things for us to do. However, I do not believe

你好!faster或者more rapidly如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

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