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It is my proposal to join this activity.这就是我对参加这次活动的建议.望采纳!!

The dove represents peace.

CET4 IELTS GRE 考 研 TOEFL CET6 proposal音节划分:proposal英 [prpzl] 美 [prpozl] n. 提议; 建议; 求婚; 〈美〉投标 复数: proposals 双语例句词根词缀同反义词1. After a three-weekend courtship, Pamela accepted

no matter how 不管怎样1.do you in favor of my proposal 你赞成我的建议吗?2.no matter how,do you in favor of my proposal 不管怎样,你赞成我的建议吗?proposal [pru'puzl] n. 提议,建议;求婚 修改好了 望采纳

tomorrow from 8am, all ninth-graders outside the collection, go to the farm to work. please put on your old clothes, bring their own food and water, and pay attention to safety.

I was amazed that he knew so much.Staying home alone, I felt very bored.I am disappointed that I've failed the exam.I felt embarrassed when my proposal was rejected.Peter is excited because this is the first time he travels on an airplane.Eduardo is interested in maths and Spanish.

proposal 英 [prpzl] 美 [prpozl] n.建议;提议;求婚;〈美〉投标 词汇难度:CET4 / 考研 / IELTS / TOEFL / TEM4 / TEM8

Putting together a good work from home proposal takes time and thought.想要做好一份在家工作提案是要花时间认真思考的.


1.don`t play jokes on me.2.nancy is a pretty girl with curly hair.3.i can`t carry this heavy box.4.i have a bit nervous.5.my hair is black.6.his apple is larger than mine.7.he says he will jion the communication.8.i got a pair of new shoes as birthday present

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