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recognise: [ 'rekgnaiz ] v. 承认,识别,认可recognised:过去分词,估计你是要当形容词用.那就解释成被认可的,被承认的. 不用举例了吧.

前-英 后-美 英国人喜欢用S, 美国人喜欢用Z,不过英国人有时候也用Z A The broad rule is that the -ize forms are standard in the US, but that -ise ones are now usual in Britain and the Commonwealth in all but formal writing. For example,

recognised英 ['reknazd] 美 ['reknazd] adj.认可的动词recognise的过去式和过去分词.

recognised和recognized的意思之间没有区别,recognized较为常用.意思是:公认的,经过验证的.recognised1、We engaged the services of a recognised engineer. 我们雇用了一个公认的杰出工程师.2、Denmark recognised the potential

recognised market 被认可的市场

这应该是Altium Designer(AD)的报错.多半是文件损坏,在该工程里面的 History(历史)文件夹里找一个时间最近的自动保存存档,还原就好了.PS:File type not recognised:无法识别文件类型.Altium Designer :提供了 唯一 一款统一的应用

作为 “……被视为/被看作……"的语义上讲,总体上3个表达一样.1. We think of Deng Xiaoping as a great leader.Deng Xiaoping is thought of as a great leader (by us). as 不可省略.2. We see Deng as a great leader.Deng is seen as a great

无法识别;不承认双语例句1Voice input from passenger is not recognised or not understood. 无法识别或理解乘客的语音输入

be considered 更像被考虑,be recognised as 更 official,respectable吧

well recognised 全部释义和例句>> 公认的

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