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run AFtEr是什么意思

run after 英[rn :ft] 美[rn ft] [释义] 追赶; 追求; 伺候; 奔逐; 全部释义>> [例句]or run after we shoot, and turn off the lights?或者杀了人就跑,然后跑的时候把灯光关掉?

你好,run after 有追逐,追赶之意.举个例子,The policemen runs after the thief. 警察跟在小偷后面或者警察在追小偷.望对你有帮助!

run after 有追逐,追赶之意

稍后运行.after表示“……以后”,这个词后面应该还有一个词,比方:run after 10s. 10秒以后运行.

run after追捕, 追求, 跟踪

run after[英][rn :ft][美][rn ft]追赶; 追求; 伺候; 奔逐;

run after 1. chase追赶The dog ran after a cat.那只狗追赶着一只猫.*Don't bother running after the bus;you'll never catch it.别费劲去追赶那辆公共汽车了,你怎么也赶不上的.2.try to gain attention and company of(an opposite sex)追求(异 性)

if you run after someone, it means you want to start a relationship with that person.追求(某人)run after=chase after

Run after sb/sth1.追求 2.追赶He is always running after younger women.他就爱追年轻女子Run behind 1.晚点 2.在某人后面跑Programmes are running a few minutes behind schedule this evening.今晚播出的节目比

run after追求;追赶;追逐更多释义>>[网络短语]run after 追赶,追逐,跟在后面跑run after 追赶run mad after 拼命追求,迷上

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