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show oFF什么意思

show off 主要意思是卖弄;炫耀;也有:展示;(在…衬托下)显得好看的意思

show off: 1. She pouted to show off her new lipstick. 她撅嘴炫耀她的新口红. 2. He wrote in that style just to show off. 这种文体写文章,完全是为了卖弄文采. 3. She likes to show off her fine clothes. 她喜欢炫耀她的精美衣服. 4. Mike has only

show off 炫耀;卖弄 [网络短语] show off 炫耀,卖弄,出风头 Show me off 脱给我看看 show you off 翻译 希望帮到你 望采纳 谢谢!!

show off 有自以为是,趾高气扬;炫耀,卖弄的意思.1、〈贬〉自以为是,趾高气扬.It's nice to have accomplishments and be elegant, but not to show off or get perked up.多才多艺、端庄窈窕是件好事,不过不能因此趾高气扬、骄傲自满.2、

show off炫耀;卖弄All right, there's no need to show off.好啦,没有必要炫耀了.Naomi was showing off her engagement ring.内奥米那时正在炫耀她的订婚戒指.

show-off英 [:f, -f] 美 [of, -f] n.炫耀; 卖弄; 爱卖弄的人网络爱炫耀的人; 炫耀狂; We all knew her as a big show-off. 我们都知道她非常爱炫耀.

show off1. 卖弄;炫耀She likes to show off her nice figure by wearing tight dresses.她总穿紧身衣来炫耀她的好身材.Those boys always show off their sports skills to the girls.那些男孩们老向女孩卖弄他们的运动技巧.He is always showing off.他老爱炫耀卖弄.

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都可以,关键看语境 show off用法1. 陈列;展览:例句: the exhibits that show off 被展示的陈列品2. 使显眼,使夺目:例句: the blue dress show you off.那条蓝裙子使你光彩夺目.3. 卖弄,炫耀:例句: to show off one's talent 卖弄才华

炫耀的意思he always show off his wealth

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