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这样用不好 很chinglish

( f ) 1.profound a.keep from happening ( h ) 2.famous b.outcome ( e) 3.jog c.give up one's work ( j) 4.important d.a group of people working together( a) 5.prevent e.run slowly( i) 6.smart f.deep( b)

the most significant 是形容词最高级 ,指代一类事物 , 在这里相当于名词作用所以among 在这里还是介词在中

important英[mp:tnt]美[mprtnt]adj.重要的;权威的;有势力的;有地位的最高级:most important;比较级:more important[例句]How important are these factors?这些因素有多重要?

我正在进行一次有关英语的调查 noe i am going to have a investment of english, 我害怕在课堂上发言,因为我怕同学会嘲笑我 i am afraid to make a speech in the class,

significant: 非常重要的.crucial: 至关重要的. 答: significant与important的“比重”不一定是这样的,要看上下文.crucial是至关紧要的意思.详情>>2 crank out successive values of 回答 2 3

亲爱的楼主,这是sb is said to do(或者have done)的句型,意思是据说某人.,是固定搭配,可与it's said that sb have done.互换.祝楼主更上一层楼

we 是主语look forward to是谓语 look forward to是固定短语 这里的to是介词 后面必须跟名词或动名词 seeing you in this conference是动名词短语作宾语 and to 这是谓语的省略等于look forward to 后面其实是 并列的宾语 having you as a significant part of this event.句子意思 我们期待在这次会议上见到你 并且期待让你 担任这次会议中的一个重要角色

这里的result并不是动词,还是名词."The test results of their pupils" there is no statistically significant differences.意思是:"他们学生的考试结果---并没有分数上的明显差异".result可以作动词,但是只有放

reduction on和reduction in a 33% reduction in the number of hospital beds available 医院的位减少 33% There has been some reduction in unemployment.失业人数有所减少. a slight/ significant/ substantial/ drastic reduction in costs 成本的略微显着大幅度急剧降低 on a 25% on normal subscription rates |

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