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touCh thE grounD怎么读

英文原文:touch the ground 英式音标:[tt] [] [grand] 美式音标:[tt] [] [rand]


touch 英 [tt] 美 [tt] the 英 [] 美 [] ground 英 [rand] 美 [rand]

"touch the ground"英语用中文写出来大概是这么读:他吃(touch)的(the)管的(ground)英 [tt raund] 美 [tt i rand]touch the ground碰触地面双语例句1.I can touch the ground with my hands. 我能用我的手触摸到地面.2.

touch the ground英[tt raund]美[tt i rand]

你好.英文touch the ground意思是“触地”,中文谐音的方式标注的话,读法如下:touch the ground(他促 得 歌老的)

他吃ze(英文z将ei音改为额)骨ruang de= =被自己的机智感动了.

Touch the ground 接触地面 双语对照 词典结果:touch the ground[英][tt raund][美][tt i rand] 碰触地面; 例句:1.Don't let your arms touch the ground and don't lie on the ground.

touch the ground [tt i rand] [词典] 碰触地面; [例句]I can touch the ground with my hands.我能用我的手触摸到地面.

touch the ground[英][tt raund][美][tt i rand]碰触地面; 1.Funnel clouds become tornadoes once they touch the ground. 漏斗云一旦接触到地面就会变成龙卷风.2.Refusing to let his feet touch the ground, she unrolls a new carpet, plush and crimson. 她铺了一张新的深红色长毛绒地毯,不让他的脚碰到地板.

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