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want 的用法1. 表示主观上的“想要”“希望”,是一种有意识的行为,其后可直接跟不定式,但不能跟动名词.如:That's what I want to know. 这是我想知道的.He wanted to find a place to hide. 他想找一个地方躲藏.要表示“想要或希望某人某

want [wnt] vt. 打算, 希望 i want your promise. 我希望你答应. 应该 i want a shave. 我该刮胡子了. vt. & vi. 想, 要, 需要 you shall never want while i have any money left. 只要我有余钱, 就不会叫你缺少什么. n. 缺乏, 不足 your work shows

1want的用法1.want sth.想要某物2.want to do sth.想要做某事3.want sb. to do sth.想要某人做某事下面一一说明.1、want sth.中的sth.一般是名词,如apple, pencil, book, money等我想要点水.I want some water.我想吃一个苹果.I want an apple.

英语want的用法请教,谢谢!1. want sb to do sth.2. want sb v-ing sth.请问这两都有什么不同?请举例说明,谢谢!回答:1. she wants (me to go with her).她想让我跟她一起去.《牛津双解》 2. i don't want (you arriving late). 我希望你不要迟到.

want (sb) to do : I want (you) to go want doing (表示被动): The coats want washing want sth/sb done (表示被动) : I don't want my daughter taken out

2. 想见;要求(某人)来;想用(某人)[H] You're wanted on the phone.有你的电话.3. 缉拿,追捕[H][(+for)] The robber is wanted by the police.警方在通缉那个强盗.4. 需要[+v-ing] Your coat wants washing.你的衣服该洗了.What you want is a

1. what do you want to do?2. i want to eat up the pasta.3. she want to clean up the study before she goes to school.

help:he helps me a lot. have:i have a book. want:i want a cup of tea. exercise:you should do more excrcise. try:he tries to read this book.

want to do sth.(something)想要做某事 例句:i want to go to school by bike.我想要骑车上学.

1.want sth/sb.想要某物或者某人 2.want to do sth.想要做某事 3.want sb to do sth.想让某人做某事

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