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at ease,with ease 这两个介词短语的词义范围和使用场合并不相同。at ease的意思是“安逸地”、“安心地”、“自在地”(feeling confident or relaxed),其反义短语为ill at ease;with ease的意思是“轻松地”、“容易地”(easily or without difficu...

at peace with: 在和平 与…和睦相处 at ease with: 在缓解 与…轻松地相处 从意思上就有区别啦!

ease: 名词 n. [U] 1.容易;不费力 Their team won the game with ease. 他们队轻松地赢了那场比赛。 2.舒适;悠闲 The retired couple lived a life of ease. 这对退休夫妇过着安逸的生活。 3.自在,不拘束 The hostess greeted her guests with ...

a pdf writer that produces quality pdf files with ease 一个PDF作家产生质量的PDF文件轻松 词典结果: pdf abbr.point detonating fuse 弹头信管; 弹头(引爆)引信; probability density function 概率密度函数; probability distribution f...

at ease是舒适地,自由自在地,表示一种闲适的状态,with ease是轻而易举地,表示能力。



我又看了一下 which great 应该是定从 修饰ease with加which 属于介词+which 结构 我也不是很清楚 其实翻译时 尤其是意译 不必死抠语法的

Industry is already using one form of the invention to deal with heavy loads. It can lift them with ease and since there are no wheels, and therefore no friction, they can be put into motion with the touch of a finger. ________...


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